Build a Toned Body

Build a Toned Body

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Are you recovering from an injury? Do you want to build core strength and overall body function? Body Transformations will lead you in a functional training program that’ll develop core strength and help you perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injury in Bellevue, WA.

Functional training involves load bearing activities and exercises. These routines target core muscles and improve natural movement. Contact Body Transformations to learn more about functional training from professional personal trainers.

3 things to know about functional training

Creating a functional training routine in Bellevue, WA will help you in several ways. It’ll increase your body function, give you greater core strength and improve your balance and stability. Body Transformations will put together a routine that’ll work for you.

Here are three important facts to remember about functional training:

  • Functional training focuses on unilateral movement, which improves strength and stability in the targeted area more efficiently than bilateral movement.
  • It has its origin in physical therapy and has been gaining popularity over isolation exercises that don’t focus on function.
  • It focuses on movement, not on building muscle. This will create an exercise routine that utilizes full range of motion and engages several muscle groups.
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